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Pegg + Frost

hutchiebear and I went back to the "Hot Fuzz" location today (I'm not gonna tell you where it is so please don't ask me. I don't want to get into any trouble). They were filming inside but we thought we'd hang about a bit to see if Simon Pegg was around (the crew members we asked didn't seem to know if he was there or not - or maybe they did know but weren't allowed to say?).

Anyway, we found a nice spot somewhere between the loc and the trailers - we figured that the cast would have to come that way sooner or later - we'd been standing there in the rain, but sheltered under a tree, for about an hour when Simon Pegg walked by - he was walking with a woman who was holding an umbrella over him, we smiled and sorta waved at him and he said "Hi" but we didn't chance asking for an autograph or anything as he was with someone.

Then a few minutes later Nick Frost walked by, he was alone (holding his own umbrella), he looked over to us and smiled and he looked pretty approachable so we asked him if we could have an autograph and a maybe picture and he was like "yeah, sure". He commented on how bad the weather was and we said we'd just seen Simon but he sorta rushed by so we didn't get chance to ask him for an autograph. Then I stepped over a little wall to go over for the picture - he was like "Come under my brolly". He seemed almost weirded out that we even wanted his autograph.

Then we were like about to leave (as we'd said that we were gonna go at 5pm no matter what happened and it was 5pm by this point) when I looked over towards the trailers and saw someone else with an umbrella heading our way, Simon Pegg was coming back - on his own this time. Before we had chance to say anything he came over to us and was like "Sorry, I didn't know you were waiting for me". We asked him if we could have an autograph and he said it was okay. He asked who we wanted the autograph made to and we said "Tracy". While he was signing it hutchiebear mentioned that we'd just seen Nick and he was like "Yeah, he said" - so Nick must have gone over to the trailers and told Simon that we'd been hoping to see him and so he came out and found us! Wasn't that sweet of him?

After that this little conversation took place:

Me: How's the filming going?
Simon: (something like)It's going very well. Lots of things to do today.
Me: When's the movie coming out, or doesn't it have a release date yet?
Simon: It'll be out February next year.
Me: Cool! I'll have to remember that.

Then we took the picture, hutchiebear mentioned how it was a new camera and he didn't quite know how to use it yet, Simon said it looked like a good camera and then mentioned how we can get out of the rain now, I said "Thank you", he shook my hand, we said "goodbye" and then he left.

They both seemed like really nice guys - I thought it was especially nice that Nick went and told Simon we'd been waiting for an autograph and then Simon came back to us, and then apologised to us for not stopping before. He definitely didn't have to do that.

(Please note: These pictures and sigs are for personal use only, no copyright infringements intended)


I'll probably let you use them but please ask first so I know if they're going anywhere and credit please.

I look a bit of a mess, don't I? My hair was messy enough before we got there but then I got rained on!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

I love the expression on Nicks face - and I seem to have an even bigger grin on my face than I usually do in these kinds of pics, I think I was laughing at Nicks expression actually.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Is it me or does Simon look like he's lost weight? He seemed thinner to me. Especially in the face.

I might edit in scans of the autographs later - after "24".

ETA: I've edited in scans of the autographs now.
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