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25 February 2017 @ 02:59 pm
Once again it's been a while since my last post. And again I have no excuses.

Since my last post I got a new tattoo (my 16th) which is a sleeping cat on the inside of my wrist. When I first got it I really didn't like it and was quite upset but now, after almost two weeks, it's grown on me and I quite like it now (or maybe I've just got used to it being there and accepted that I can't really go anything about it anyway).

I also went to see Spurs play at Wembley Stadium on Thursday night which was an enjoyable evening (even though Spurs didn't win and went out of the Europa League thing). It was a good, eventful, game and the atmosphere was really good. I do enjoy seeing football matches at Wembley. In fact I've booked to see England vs Lithuania in a World Cup Qualifier at the end of March. Should be cool and I can wear the new England shirt I bought recently.

On the subject of football. I can't believe Leicester have sacked Ranieri. I know their current form hasn't been that great but surely they could have given him and bit more time, he did win them the league after all.

I've also watched a my shows as usual and I'm generally enjoying all of them ("Arrow" isn't holding my attention as much as it used to these days. I think things need to be shaken up). "Timeless" reached the conclusion of season 1 and I thought it was a good finale but I'm not sure that ending it with things all up in their air like they did was a good idea, especially as we don't know if there is gonna be a season 2. I did think the scene at the end between Lucy and her mum was good though. I think it would be a shame if there isn't a season 2 because I've really enjoyed it. Just a fun little timey wimey show.

I've been watching aall of my other shows too but can't really think of that much to say about them though.
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12 February 2017 @ 02:54 pm
It looks like it's been two weeks since my previous post - for some reason I'm finding it a real chore to update these days. I don't want to just stop though.

I've been watching my shows as usual for the last couple of weeks. Season two of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" as reached it's conclusion. I've enjoyed it as a whole. I miss Greg but think Nathaniel is quite a good addition to the cast. I didn't really like Rebecca and Josh as a couple though and I think them getting married would have been a really bad idea. I wonder where things might go in the third season?

We've also reached the midseason break of "Teen Wolf" season 6 - I think this half season has been okay (if a little disjointed as usual) and I'm glad they got Stiles back and I think the midseason finale was good (loved the Stiles and Scott stuff). It seemed very final though so I'm curious about where things are gonna go for the 2nd half. The midseason finale seems like a finale finale.

I'm enjoying "Supergirl" (enjoying Mon-El and Kara. I'm glad he was honest with her about his feelings. I wonder if anything will happen between them?) "The Flash" (I'm enjoying Julian as a member of the team - especially his friendship with Caitlin. Are things gonna get romantic?) and "Arrow" as usual - although "Arrow" is slipping a bit recently and isn't holding my attention as much as it used to.

I also watched the first two episodes of "24: Legacy" which I quite enjoyed. While it's not the same without Jack (or Chloe) I quite like no really knowing or trusting anyone at the moment. I think that's working well. I hope they shake things up a bit and don't make the Muslim woman working with the Senator a bad guy - that would be way too predictable (and almost offensive).

I've been enjoying "Timeless" (Wyatt and Lucy? I ship it), "Supernatural" (I much prefer the standalone stuff so I'm hoping for more of those as this season continues) and "Lucifer" (it's off for a while now and I'm interested in where things might go from here).

"Hawaii Five-0" and "MacGyver" are coming along nicely and work really well back to back - I've heard some things about a crossover so that could be interesting (and I liked the mention in this weeks episode from Jack about having a friend in Oahu that works for the taskforce. I wonder who that is?). I'm still hoping for an episode where Jack gets injured and Mac gets worried. That's one of my favourite things. I also want Jack to be the one that figures things out for once - I know that's Mac's thing but Jack's not an idiot. He can be clever too and I hope they show that.

Finally I've also been watching "Suits" (I'm glad Mike realised how much of a douche he acted and apologised to Harvey. I don't think I would have been quite as forgiving if I'd been Harvey but I'm glad they're friends again), "Bones" and "Scorpion" (it looks like they've fixed Paige's character and she got quite annoying for a while back there). Oh, I've also started watching "Riverdale" which is quite interesting.

I've also been getting into the Premier League a lot more this season (I think it's because I've got hooked on the Fantasy Premier League website and need to know how my players are doing). It's been fun to watch.
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29 January 2017 @ 06:36 pm
Once again it's been a week since my previous post. Since then I've watched a few things as usual (although some of my shows aren't on).

"Lucifer" - 2x12 - I thought the way they addressed the whole Lucifer/Chloe thing was quite good and it kinda worked. I liked them both being unsure about whether it's real and what it means. Of course, now they've both realised that it is real and are both ready to embark on it something gets in the way! Namely Lucifer's mother telling him the truth and whatever is happening to Chloe now. I'm interested in how things are gonna play out. And what does what Lucifer's mother told him actually mean for him and Chloe?

"The Flash" - 3x10 - it was good to have this show back after the break and I thought this was a decent episode to start of 2017. I'm glad Barry told Iris what he'd seen in the future instead of keeping it to himself (I also thought the things they saw on the news reel in the future were quite interesting too). I'm assuming what Barry saw in the future happens in the finale so we have until then to fix things, right? I also liked the Julian stuff. I really hope he can be trusted and will become a good member of Team Flash - I also really like him and Caitlin. I kinda wanna ship it.

"Timeless" - 1x12 - I enjoyed this episode. I thought it was interesting that Lucy was the one that ended up killing Jesse James without remorse when we were all expecting it to be Wyatt. I thought this was a good episode but not one of the best they've done - I'm looking forward to the next one though. That sounds really interesting.

"Teen Wolf" - 6x09 - once again I think this episode would have been slightly better if they just focused on Scott, Lydia and Malia remembering Stiles because I thought those scenes were really good. At first it annoyed me that they seemed to suggest that Lydia had more of a connection to Stiles than Scott does (because really?) but now I think about it I think that the three of them together are what made the connection and their combined memories are what opened the rift and not just Lydia's. I also think Scott struggled because he just had too many memories of Stiles and couldn't focus on one. Almost everything in his life is connected to Stiles and trying access all of those at once was just too many.

Although I think I would have prefered it if they focused on the Stiles stuff I did enjoy the Theo and Liam stuff in this episode. I thought they were quite good together - I just would have prefered it in a different episode.

"Arrow" - 5x10 - It was good to have this show back after the break too and I thought this episode was okay. I enjoyed the stuff between Diggle and the DA (I'm interested in his character. I kinda distrust him but at the same time I kinda like him. I hope he's not a bad guy) and I'm interested in seeing how that plays out. I can honestly say that I'm now kinda sick of the flashbacks - I know they probably all lead somewhere but I'm just not interested in them anymore.

"Suits" - 6x11 - I thought it was good to have this show back even though I miss the old days. I thought Mike was out of line in this episode - I usually like him and want to defend him when people say negative things about him but he was a dick in this episode. Just so ungrateful. Is he so oblivious (or selfish?) that he doesn't know or see everything Harvey has done for him? Hopefully he was just having a bad day (he obviously thought it would be easier to get a job with a record than it actually was) and will redeem himself in future episodes because Harvey didn't deserve the way he acted this week. Maybe someone needs to have a word with him because he's just acting like an entitled prick right now who blames everyone else for his problems.

"Frequency" - 1x13 (season finale) - I thought this was a pretty good season finale, some things were all wrapped up but some things weren't. I'm hoping, but not optimistic, for a season 2, because this Nightingale stuff isn't over and Frank wasn't alive in the future. Things definitely aren't finished and I need more.

I've really enjoyed this show - I liked how similar the first episode was to the movie but then it broke away and became it's own thing - and think it would be a real shame it we don't get to see anymore.

"Supernatural" - 12x09 - I thought this episode was quite a decent start to the second half of this season and I hope we can go back to the basics of monster of the week storylines again soon. I really enjoyed Castiel in this episode (although, him killing the reaper seemed very dramatic. Is there gonna be some fallout to that?).

"Supergirl" - 2x09 - glad to have this show back too and I enjoyed this episode. I thought the scenes between Kara and Mon-El were cute (although I'm still not convinced that she should be almost forcing him to be a hero, and he shouldn't feel like he has to just because she wants him to be). I liked the implication that he is, in fact, the prince of his planet and I'm interested in where that might go. Will he tell Kara or will it be revealed somehow (by those people who were looking for him at the end of this episode?). I thought the Winn stuff was quite good (definitely thought it was stupid that Alex left him by the Stargate alone though. That just seemed like a really bad idea. She had enough soldier types there, surely one should have stayed with him?).

Also watched: "Hawaii Five-0" 7x14, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" 2x11 (I think I ship Rebecca and Nathaniel, although realistically she should be alone for a bit), "The Librarians" 3x10 , "Scorpion" 3x14, and "Bones" 12x02
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22 January 2017 @ 07:32 pm

Once again it's been a while since my previous post. I don't know why but I just don't feel the need to post as regularly as I used to.

Since my previous post I have done a few things and watched a few things.

Last Saturday we went to see Watford vs Middlesborough at Vicarage Road. Last year we won a quiz at Watford FC, we won and the prize was tickets hospitality tickets to see a Watford game. We'd won the prize before and had been to a match before but I do enjoy going to the games - and the hospitality meal was nice. Shame it was 0-0 though.

Speaking of football matches, I also booked a ticket to see Spurs playing Gent at Wembley Stadium in the Europa League thingy. After seeing England play at Wembley last year I wanted to see another game there and the tickets for this game are only £10 (plus booking fee) so I thought I'd go for it. It will give me an excuse to get my old 1991 Spurs shirt out! I'm looking forward to going.

In TV news, since my last post I've watched:

"Teen Wolf" - 6x07 and 6x08 - I kinda wish they wouldn't pad things out so much (the stuff with the teacher? What's that about?) and focus on the Stiles stuff because the scenes of people remembering him are the best in the show at the moment. I thought the stuff with his father was really good in these two episodes and I'm glad he's remembered him now even though it did mean he remembered what had happened to Claudia and therefore he lost her again. That was a really sad moment and I thought Linden Ashby did a really good job with it. I'm looking forward to the next episode now as everyone needs to try and remember things about Stiles - I hope that's the main focus of the episode and everything else takes a back seat.

"MacGyver" - 1x13 - I thought this episode was better than the previous episode (although I'm still not happy about the Thornton stuff) and I enjoyed Mac and Jack being stranded and Riley and Bozer being worried about them. I kinda want there to be an episode where Jack gets hurt just so Mac can worry about him - Jack almost seems invinsible sometimes even though we know he isn't.

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x13 - I thought this episode was okay but for some reason I'm just not enjoying this show like I used to. I don't really know why. I thought the scenes of Max saying goodbye were quite sad and I liked it when Jerry was looking through his journal things and talking about things that had happened to him in the show. I can't evene remember what the case even was now. Weird.

"Sherlock" - 4x03  - I thought this finale was quite good but this show has definitely got to the point where they're trying to be too clever and I don't think it's good for the show at all and I miss the simpler stories of them just investigating crimes. Why couldn't they have kept it like that? While I've enjoyed this 4th series I think I kinda hope it's the last one as things have probably gone as far as they can with it. Besides, do we really want to wait for another one?

"Lucifer" - 2x11 - I'm glad to have this show back again and I liked the stuff between Lucifer and Chloe in this episode (bit disappointed that their kiss wasn't quite as hot as I was expecting) but I'm a little concerned that things are moving too quickly. Something has to go wrong - especially as it's what Lucifer's mother wants.

"Timeless" - 1x11 - I really enjoy this show and I thought this episode was a good one. I liked the stuff between Lucy and Wyatt and, as usual, it was fun seeing famous figures from history. Houdini was adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing how things go from here and I'm crossing my fingers that we get a season 2.

"Frequency" - 1x11 & 1x12 - I'm enjoying this show as well and thought these two episodes were good. I had a feeling the Nightingale thing wasn't quite as clear as we thought it was gonna be so I wasn't that surprised by the twist at the end of 1x12 (although I am wondering if that was always the case or if something changed somewhere along the way). One of my main reasons for suspecting that something else was going on was because I thought it was too early for us to know who the Nightingale really is but it turns out the next episode is the finale! And I have a feeling we won't get a season 2 so let's hope for a good one.

Also watched: "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" 2x10, "The Librarians" 3x09, "Conviction" 1x12 and 1x13, "Bones" 12x01, "Elementary" 5x06 and "Scorpion" 3x13.

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11 January 2017 @ 06:07 pm
It's been a while since my previous post again. I don't know why and I don't really have any excuses. Anyway, I have watched a few things since my last post (and I'm back at work now after my Christmas break).

"Teen Wolf" - 6x06 - I thought this episode was okay but as has become usual for this show nothing really makes any sense. I'm not sure what the Theo stuff is all about (I can't even remember when we last saw him, to be honest) but I'm glad someone remembers Stiles and I'm interested in how things might play out with that - even though I don't trust him at all. Sometimes I wish the show would just focus on the Stiles stuff instead of including other things that don't really make any sense.

"Scorpion" - 3x12 - I thought this episode was quite good but this show is doing a good job of making Paige really annoying. I can almost understand her blaming Walter for Tim leaving (even though it was Tim's choice) but having a go at him for not saying what could have been a goodbye to Cabe properly was out of line. Cabe knows how much Walter cares about him and knew exactly what Walter was trying to say when he said "it was a pleasure working with you". Just because Walter doesn't express his emotions the way she wants him do doesn't make him wrong or uncaring and she was unecessarily mean to him about it. I hope they fix her character soon because it could become quite tiresome.

"Frequency" - 1x10 - I thought this was a good start to the second half of this season. I had a feeling things weren't gonna go quite as planned now they know who the Nightingale actually is (I'm still surprised we found out about that so early). Now Raimey killed a suspect when he had surrendered and Frank has been in an accident with a kidnapped victim. That's not gonna end well, is it?

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x12 - I was surprised how quick the cliffhanger was resolved as I expected the resue of Chin to take up the whole episode not just the first 10 minutes. I was also surprised that Chin ended up getting custody of Sara in the end. I know we're supposed to be on Chin's side but I'm not entirely sure if I think it's a good idea. Given his job and that he's a single person. I hope it works out for her anyway. No Danny again this week - I'm not even that surprised anymore - and Max is leaving?

"MacGyver" - 1x12 - To be honest, I'm not happy with this episode. Turning around and making Nicky not a bad guy after all and making Thorton some kind of mole we never even knew existed before this episode just didn't work for me at all. I was almost convinced there was something else going on because I refuse to believe that Nicky is really a good guy after she hired Murchoch to kill Mac. I'm still amost expected some kind of twist because otherwise I honestly just think this is really bad writing and I'm very disappointed. I was really liking this show and I hope the second half of the season isn't going to ruin it for me.

"Sherlock" - 4x01 and 4x02 - I've quite enjoyed this two episodes so far (not that pleased the end of 4x01 but it is what it is, I guess) and while I enjoyed 4x02 I didn't really know what was going on half of the time. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been good as usual. Is this weeks finale the proper finale? As in last one ever?

Also watched:

"The Librarians" 3x07 and 3x08, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" 2x08 and 2x09 , "Elementary" 5x04 and 5x05, "Conviction" 1x10.
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01 January 2017 @ 12:06 pm
Hello 2017. Let's hope for a good one (or at least better than 2016). To see in the new year last night I watched a couple of movies:

"Strange Days" (1995) - I've always thought this movie was a bit underappreciated. I'd seen if quite a few times before and did watch it a couple of new years ago. I think it's strange that even though it came out over 20 years ago it almost seems more relevant now.

"New Year's Eve" (2011) - I'm not a massive fan of this movie but as a New Years film it just works really well (I think there needs to be more movies set on new years). I think some of the story strands work better than others - I've always enjoyed the Michelle Pfieffer and Zac Efron part the most.

Anyway, since my last post I watched the "Doctor Who" Christmas special which I thought was okay - as a bit of Christmas fluff but I thought it worked quite well and I enjoyed the character of Grant. Shame it couldn't have been set in England though as I don't really think the US set ones work as well.

I also watched a few Christmas movies over the past week and that's always fun. I'm back to work on Tuesday so may consider taking my decorations down tomorrow.
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25 December 2016 @ 12:46 pm
I just realised I hadn't posted in a while so thought I would do it now, I hope everyone (who celebrates) is having a good Christmas day. I think everybody enjoyed the gifts I got them.

Since my last post I've watched a few things:

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x11 - I thought this was a pretty good episode with a pretty good cliffhanger ending (do we normally do that on a midseason finale?) and I can't wait to see how things might go from here. I thought it was interesting that the reason Sara's life was in danger was connected to Five-0 and Chin instead of being because of her aunt and uncle like Chin suspected. I assume the gang are gonna figure things out and save Chin because they're Five-0 and it's what they do. Slightly disappointed that it wasn't a proper Christmas episode but it was a good one anyway.

"MacGyver" - 1x11 - this was a good midseason finale too - I liked the Christmas setting and the end made me smile. I liked seeing Riley's mother as well. I also thought it was quite good that MacGyver didn't instantly trust Riley especially after the whole Nicky situation. It was nice seeing Jack trusting her implicitly though. I've ended up really enjoying this show - I hope the second half of the season is as entertaining.

"Scorpion" - 3x11 - this was a nice Christmas mid season finale too and I enjoyed it. I liked that they were trying to have a normal Christmas (as normal as things can be with the whole gang there) but, of course, things didn't work out that way. I think it's a shame that Tim is leaving but I think it is probably the best for him. I think Toby was right, Tim is a leader and he's never gonna be that at Scorpion. I hope Paige doesn't blame Walter though because it wasn't his fault. Tim (and Paige) came to that conclusion themselves, Walter didn't force him out.

Also watched: "The Librarians" 3x05 and (half of) "Elementary" 5x02.

I also watched "Lethal Weapon" set on Christmas and I hadn't seen it in ages, "Scrooged" hadn't seen that in ages either, and "Die Hard" (had to be done on Christmas eve)
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16 December 2016 @ 05:58 pm
So, my livejournal paid account expired. I then deleted loads of icons and got a plus account. I don't feel like I need to pay for this service anymore and other than the icons (and I guess some adverts) it doesn't seem to have made that much difference.

Anyway, I finished work for the Christmas today and when I go back it'll be 2017. How did that even happen? Last Sunday I wrapped up all my Christmas presents and I'm all ready for the big day. I've quite enjoyed buying gifts this year so I hope everyone likes what I got for them.

In TV news: not many of my shows were on this week - and I think most have now finished for the Christmas break.

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x10 - I thought this was quite a good episode although not quite a standout for me. I liked seeing Danny's sister and liked the issues Danny talked about when he was concerned about her. I also liked the discussion between Kono and Chin regarding Sara. I liked that she was comfortable enough to be honest with him. I also thought the case was a good one - even though I kinda guessed who the killer was.

"Scorpion" - 3x10 - I quite enjoyed this episode and thought the case of the week was quite decent. I kinda wish that Walter would just let Paige go though, she's obviously happy with Tim (although she does like Walter really, doesn't she?) and she's just gonna get annoyed with him if he continues what he's doing. Plus, any kind of working relationship between him and Tim would be ruined.

"Teen Wolf" - 6x05 - this episode was as confusing as ever but it was really nice to see Stiles again as I'd missed him. The show isn't quite as watchable when he isn't in it. I wonder what it all means though? Where is he? And how will they get him back? Will they even get him back? It was interesting see Peter again too. I thought the final scene of Scott and Lydia speaking to Stiles through the ham radio was really good. They were right, he's real! I'm interested in seeing how things play out from here and I hope we see Stiles again soon.

"Timeless" - 1x10 - I thought this was a pretty good episode although not quite as good as some of the previous ones. I've ended up really enjoying this show even though it's probably completely unrealistic about pretty much everything. This episode featured a pretty good cliffhanger ending which is good for the midseason finale. I wonder how things are gonna progress in the 2nd half of the season?

"Designated Survivor" - 1x10 - this was a super intense midseason finale and with a killer cliffhanger! I can't believe we have to wait til March to see what's gonna happen next. Has someone been shot? If so, who? Is someone dead? And just who is involved in blowing up the Capital? This show has been really good so far but it really stepped up a gear for this episode. I really enjoy Hannah's friendship with Chuck (I think that's his name?), I really hope he's not a bad guy. I just can't shake the feeling that he might be. I hope I'm wrong. I really hope the long break in the middle of the season isn't too detrimental to the ratings. Surely people have got to come back after that cliffhanger.

Also watched:

"Chicago Med" 2x08, "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" 2x07, "The Librarians" 3x04, "Criminal Minds" 12x08, "Elementary" 5x01, and "Conviction" 1x08 & 1x09.
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11 December 2016 @ 01:44 pm
My LJ paid account it supposed to renew itself in a few days - I think the credit card I used has expired now so I'm tempted to just leave it. I don't think I really need to pay for this service anymore. I mean, I still try and post regularly but it's not like it used to be, like it was when I first got a paid account. I'm not even that sure what a paid account really gives me anymore, apart from loads of icons and I don't use that many anyway.

In other news: I did my Christmas wrapping this morning - it wasn't that easy with Alfie and Tegan in my face (I had to shut them in the other room in the end) and one thumb kind of out of action (yesterday I was using a scraper, slipped and stabbed myself in the left thumb. It really hurt and bled quite a bit. It's now got a plaster on it but if I put any pressure on it it hurts). Anyway, I'm all set for the season now, even though it doesn't feel at all festive right now. It might be due to the weather being so mild or the fact that it seems to come around way too quickly this year.

In TV news: quite a lot of my shows have already finished for the Christmas break so I didn't watch as many as expected this week:

"The Flash" - 3x09 - I thought this was a pretty good episode. It was nice to get back to the storylines in this show after seeing the characters in the crossovers last week. I thought the stuff about Julian was really good, I'm glad he seems to be a good guy after all and I really enjoyed the scenes when he came to the West house for their Christmas gathering. Maybe he can become part of the team now - he does know Barry's secret after all. He could become an ally? I thought the flash forward they did was quite good too - surely now Barry knows what he knows he can change it? I'm interested in seeing how the rest of the season plays out.

"Timeless" - 1x08 and 1x09 - I'm really enjoying this show at the moment. The science is all rubbish, of course, but it doesn't seem to matter once the characters all get going. I think I've started to totally ship Lucy and Wyatt though - I wasn't planning on and was just enjoying their platonic friendship but their chemistry is off the charts and it would be rude to ignore it really. I wonder where things might go between them, especially if he does manage to save his wife (like Flynn did with his brother). I'm not sure how this show is doing in the ratings but I hope it's doing well enough. If not, I guess I'll just have to enjoy this season.

"Teen Wolf" - 6x04 - I thought this episode was pretty good, although I do think there are too many things going on (as usual) and I really wish they would just focus on the gang trying to remember Stiles. I'm a bit concerned that they might be considering giving up on Stiles. He's real. They know it. Lydia knows it. I'm starting to really mistrust Claudia though - if the whole point of it is that Stiles has just been forgotten - everything he was involved in happened exactly the way it always did he's just been removed from memory, not from existense - then why is she even there? And if she is who she says she is how come her medical records say she's never given birth? If Stiles has been removed from their memories and was still involved in things that happened then he still should have been born, right? Unless Claudia isn't his mother, or this Claudia isn't really Claudia. It's just so complicated! Oh, but I'm glad his jeep is still there - I hope one of them finds it.

"Arrow" - 5x09 - I thought this was a pretty good episode. Again it was good to see them focusing on their own storyline again. I thought the big reveal of Evelyn working with Prometheus was bit understated but I thought it kinda worked. I wonder if we'll even see her character again now - even if we do I can't see the others letting her back in, not after what happened because of what she did. It was a shame to see the end of Billy but because we barely even knew him it didn't actually seem that sad. Sucks for Felicity though, and for Oliver because inevitably he will blame himself again. I don't think getting involved with that reporter is a good idea though - I don't trust her. In fact, I'm starting to think she could be Prometheus. Oh, and that scene at the end? What?

"Designated Survivor" - 1x09 - I'm enjoying this show too. I think the balance is really good. I liked the storyline about the NSA dude leaking the information and when Kirkman saw the file things got really interesting. He now knows that the US Government was involved in the bombing but what's he gonna do next? I really want Maggie Q to team up with him at some point - she's onto something here and needs to share it with him before it's too late. I'm not sure that her trusting Kimble is a good idea though - she just seems so untrustworthy to me. Hmmm. Trust no one, I guess.

"Frequency" - 1x09 - I'm enjoying this show and I thought this was another decent episode. I'm interested in the Raimy and Daniel relationship but the fact that he has a fiance doesn't sit right with me. I know that they're drawn together and all that but I'm not sure about this. I don't think Raimy really is either. I am interested in seeing how things play out though. Is that guy really the Nightingale? It just seems to early for them to find out - although I suppose they've still got to catch him.

"Supernatural" - 12x08 - I'm not a big fan of the ongoing storyline in this show at the moment (I enjoy the standalone episodes so much more) but I quite liked this episode. I liked the idea of Lucifer using the President as his vessel. I thought it worked pretty well although I'm not that hung up on the spawn of the devil thing but I suppose it's something slightly different. And now Sam and Dean are in real trouble (it had to happen sometime). How are they gonna get out of this one? Looks like we'll have to wait til next year to find out.

"MacGyver" - 1x10 - I enjoy this show at the moment. It's a bit naff but in a good way and it really works for me. The dynamics are good and I enjoy most of the character interaction. I love Mac and Jack's friendship and think I want to ship Jack with Thornton. I didn't think this episode was a good as some previous ones but I still enjoyed it.

Also watched:

"Chicago Med" 2x07, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" 2x06 and "The Librarians" 3x03 (I don't remember Cassandra's voice being that sqeaky and annoying before).
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03 December 2016 @ 02:58 pm
Yesterday we took Alfie and Tegan to the vet to get them both neutered. After the year we've had I'll admit that I was a bit worried. Thankfully everything went smoothly for both of them and they're both back home being as annoying as ever.

In other news: it's now December. How did that actually happen? It feels like September, October and November barely even happened. It is now officially Christmas month though which is a bit exciting! I have decorated my bedroom accordingly. And I've been watching naff Christmas movies on Christmas24.

I've watched some of my shows this week (although some of them are still off for some reason):

"Lucifer" - 2x10 - I thought this was another interesting episode. I liked the continuation of the case about Chloe's father - it was good seeing the court case and everything. I think we always knew there was something special about Chloe and I'm glad we seem to have found out what that is, but what does it all mean? Incidentally, the chemistry between Tom Ellis and Lauren German is brilliant which is making the scenes between them really interesting to watch. This season has been really strong so far. I'm looking forward to more.

"Supergirl" - 2x08 (1) - Part one (sort of) of the DC Universe crossover. I enjoyed this episode but was a little surprised that the only bit even connected to the others episodes of this crossover was the final scene - it seemed almost like an after thought. I enjoyed the rest of this episode though, as a stand alone episode not connected to the episodes of other shows. I've started to really like Mon-El. I think he's a really interesting character and I'm looking forward to seeing where things go for him as the season progresses. I do think there are things he's not telling Kara and I'm kinda looking forward to the fall out of that, if it happens. I know in some sections of the fandom they don't like Mon-El but I really enjoy his character. I think Chris Wood is very watchable (and he's super cute).

"The Flash" - 3x08 (2) - Part two of the DC Universe crossover. I thought this episode was quite good although seeing aliens in this show was a little odd. It was fun seeing Barry enlist the help of his friends to try and defeat them. I felt sorry for Barry during other parts in the episode when everyone didn't want to work with him anymore because he made a mistake. I thought they overreacted a bit. I can understand Cisco but I thought the others were a bit hypocritical (don't the Legend's travel through time and change things all the time? I don't watch the show so I don't really know). I did like seeing Oliver on Barry's side though, I thought that was a nice touch.

"Arrow" - 5x08 (3) - Part three of the DC Universe crossover. I liked seeing the continuation of the storyline and the alien's giving them all visions (hallucinations?) of what could have been was quite interesting. Oliver's other life made sense but I'm not sure how John would end up being the Green Arrow and working with Felicity though - surely Felicity and John only met because of Oliver? I guess it made for interesting viewing though. And I liked Oliver having to decide to go back.

"Legend's of Tomorrow" - 2x07 (4) - Part four of the DC Universe crossover. I don't actually watch this show usually so I didn't really know who half of the characters were (the ones who hadn't previously featured in other shows) but I did enjoy the conclusion of the storyline. I was glad Cisco realised that he'd done the same as Barry had - when he was getting excited about going back in time and stuff I was shouting at the screen that given how he complained to Barry about him using his time travel powers it was a bit silly for him to just blindly do it without thinking because it was cool. I was glad Cisco realised and sort of apologised to Barry. I wonder if their friendship can actually survive this? I also enjoyed Cisco and Felicity teaming up and the final scenes between Oliver and Kara were nice. All in all, I thought this crossover event was good enough but I think I prefer my shows separately.

"Teen Wolf" - 6x03 - I thought this episode was pretty good. I loved the scenes between the Stilinksi's. The scene with the sheriff's father was really interesting and finding out about him was good and gave us some insight into the sheriff and his relationship with Stiles.I had a feeling that his father would remember Stiles but that scene when he shouted at the sheriff to go back to his "dead wife and loser son" was intense and I think maybe the sheriff is starting to remember - or at least realise that there is something he's forgetting. Oh, and the way the revealed his name was cool - Noah, huh? I think I'll still call his sheriff! The scene between him and Scott was really good too - I did wonder though if he's curious about why he even has the close relationship he has with Scott. Why would he if Stiles wasn't around? I think the way they've done this is really interesting. I'm really beginning to mistrust Claudia though, if that's even who she really is. Hmmm.

I thought the rest of the episode was as confusing as ever - it was good to see Argent back and I liked the scenes between him and Melissa, just what is the teacher up to and how is he involved in everything else that's going on? The scenes between Liam and co were quite good too.

"Designated Survivor" - 1x08 - I'm enjoying this show. I really want Maggie Q's character to just tell Kirkman what's going on. I know it's not as easy as that but someone needs to tell him what's really going on and that McLeash (sp?) is involved in it all. I'm looking forward to her teaming up with Kirkman to kick some arse. I really hope that happens as the season progresses. I was glad to see the conclusion of the almost storyline about Kirkman's son though.

"Frequency" - 1x08 - I'm really enjoying this show too. I especially like how it's moved away from the movie's plot because I did worry about how they were gonna make that storyline last. I think focusing on the nightingale was probably the right move as it's working well. In this episode I also really enjoyed the stuff between Raimy and Daniel (is that his name?), I liked that he's ended up being drawn to her in this timeline too. I'm really interested in this Megan lead too. Looking forward to more.

"Supernatural" - 12x07 - I knew we were gonna have an ongoing storyline episode soon as we'd had so many standalone's recently. I was almost dreading it but I ended up enjoying this episode. It was good seeing Castiel again, and Crowley to some extent. I thought this episode worked quite well. I wonder where Lucifer is gonna go now?

Also watched:

"The Librarians" 3x02 and "Chicago Med" 2x06.
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