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23 September 2016 @ 06:20 pm

"Lucifier" - 2x01 - I'm glad to have this show back as I ended up enjoying last season more than I expected. I thought this season 2 opener was quite a good one and I'm interested in seeing where things go. I thought the introductions to the new characters were quite cool and the new girl seems cool already. I'm looking forward to more. Has the police station changed? I remember it differently.

"Blindspot" - 2x02 - I thought this episode was okay. I think the tension between the team is making things quite interesting. I also thought the scenes between Patterson and the doctor (name?) were really cute. I think I ship it.

"Designated Survivor" - 1x01 - I quite enjoyed this pilot episode although it was very dramatic (and very American). I like the way Kiefer Sutherland is playing it too, because you do almost suspect that he could have been involved - with losing his job and the president not putting anything in the speech about housing and stuff - so can see why the FBI could potentially start to suspect him (I think the power might go to his head a little bit too). This first episode was interesting enough and I'll continue watching. Hopefully things calm down a little bit as the show goes on.

"Chicago Fire" - 4x16 - This episode was okay. I think the Casey storyline is boring (and is going exactly how I expected it to, I'm not really interested). I'm enjoying the scenes between Brett and Jimmy though - now they're working together, and having more scenes together, I kinda wanna ship it. They're cute together. And I think being a medic now is working and is good for his character.

"Hooten & The Lady" - 1x01 - I enjoyed the first episode of this show (I did watch it last Friday but forgot to comment on it), it just seems really fun and I'm looking forward to all the crazy things they get up to in upcoming episodes. I've always liked Michael Landes (the superior Jimmy Olsen) and his character in this seems interesting.

I've also finished watching "The Night Of" now. I think it took me like a week. I thought it was a good show - very dark and quite serious but I liked it. It's a bit heavy going in parts and some of the episodes dragged a little bit (some of the prison scenes were probably my least favourites) but a good show though with some great acting -  Riz Ahmed and John Turturro were obvious standouts. I liked how they played it though - with the audience not really knowing whether Naz was innocent or guilty. That worked really well especially during some of the middle episodes when they found out stuff about him that made him look really bad. I'm interested now about how the UK original played out (in this one him being Muslim played quite a big part - especially in the reactions of the community - that obviously wasn't a part of the UK version).

I can't see there being a season two - this was billed as a "limited series" - but who knows, I guess. I think the UK version had a series two but it was a completely different case.
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17 September 2016 @ 08:14 am
After a short illness we lost Ming yesterday morning. I'm gonna miss her throwing stuff around the kitchen and shouting at us when she wanted food or attention. We're sorry we couldn't make you better, babe. I hope you're reunited with Spencer now. We miss you already. 25/02/10 - 16/09/16

It doesn't really feel quite real yet. I can't remember the last time we didn't have a cat in the house. It's gonna feel weird.

I apologise for the complete change in tone but I'm gonna post about my shows now.

"Suits" - 6x10 - the first part of this season came to it's conclusion this week (it was the summer finale so I assume there's more of this season left to come in the winter). I thought the innocence project storyline seemed really rushed in this episode, and don't get me started on Jessica's decision. That came out of nowhere, huh? I would have liked to have seen much more of the innocence project storyline, to be honest, and I'm slightly disappointed with how it all played out. I did like how Harvey reacted to her decision though - in contrast to Louis yelling. I also thought the scene at the beginning between Mike and Harvey was cute.

"Blindspot" - 2x01 - I couldn't remember anything about season 1 at first so the episode seemed very confusing to me. Once everything settled though I thought it was a good season starter. I'm interested in seeing where things go from here.

"Chicago Fire" - 4x15 - I thought this episode was okay. Knew the Casey politics storyline was gonna turn all dramatic. I thought the Brett and Jimmy scenes were cute and I'm interested in seeing them working together in the future. Should be an interesting dynamic. And the new firefighter seems interesting too.

"The Night Of" - 1x01 - I'd heard so many good things about this so I thought I'd give it a go. I thought this opener was good (a bit long but good) but I spent the 2nd half of this episode yelling at Naz to ask for a lawyer. Did they even tell him he was allowed one? I'm really interested in seeing how things play out in the rest of the season (I think it's an 8 episode season so only 7 more to go). I might try and watch a couple more tonight.
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10 September 2016 @ 12:54 pm
So, my first week back at work went quite well. Quite busy which is good for this time of year. Hopefully that'll continue.

We were gonna go for a walk today but it's been rained off, tomorrow looks better weather wise so we're gonna try and finish the Piccadilly line tomorrow.

In TV news (it's still pretty quiet) and I've only had two shows this week:

"Suits" - 6x09 - I thought this episode was quite good and I'm glad they managed to get Mike out while at the same time making sure Gallo stayed in. I thought that worked quite well. I wish they appreciate the lengths Harvey goes to for Mike a little bit more though - Harvey worked his arse off and was willing to compromise himself morally and legally over and over again and I'm not sure that Mike fully appreciates that as much as he should. Maybe we'll get some scenes in next weeks episode? I hope so.

I think the Rachel and Jessica stuff is pretty interesting too - and I hope Rachel still gives it as much attention now Mike is out (didn't she originally take it to take her mind of things?) and I'm interested in seeing where things go from here?

"Chicago Fire" - 4x14 - I thought this episode was okay. I'm not sure how I feel about Casey heading towards some of the local politics. Maybe it's not gonna be quite how he expects, he's gonna have to make some unpopular decisions. Maybe it's not gonna be as easy as he thinks? Hmmm.

I also purchased "Common Law" on DVD the other day - the German release on amazon - and it arrived yesterday. I started a bit of a rewatch last night and watched 3 episodes (the DVD has the Pilot separated into two episodes so if I go by that I watched four). I really enjoyed watching it again. While it's a real shame that it only had one season sometimes I almost think that it's nice that it did because it never got chance to deteriorate like shows can do. Maybe sometimes one great season is better than multiple ones that deteriorate gradually as the seasons go on, I guess. I dunno. 
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04 September 2016 @ 04:26 pm
We did some of the Piccadilly line yesterday - from Cockfosters to Knightbridge. It was a nice walk until it started pissing it down and by the time we were finished we were soaked! We did manage to see 21 stations though which we were really pleased about. Then this morning we did South Harrow to North Ealing which was also quite nice - and the stations on this section were really cool.

As usual there are pictures on my facebook, if you're interested.

In other news: I went back to work on Thursday - we had a couple of inset days before the children arrive on Monday (so back to work proper tomorrow). It'll be interesting to see the new little characters we get this year.

I also watched a couple of shows since my last post:

"The Night Shift" - 3x13 (season finale) - I thought this finale was quite a good one. That ended leaving some things unanswered for next season (if there is one). I've enjoyed this season for the most part and it so much more suited to the summer.

"Suits" - 6x08 - I thought this episode was pretty decent. Is Mike really gonna get out now or is something dramatic gonna happen that stops it? I'm interested in seeing what's gonna happen with this. Even if he does get out I assume it's not gonna be the end of the storylines involving the the inmates?

"Chicago Fire" - 4x13 - I thought this episode was slightly over dramatic but not bad. I'm interested in seeing where the Chilli stuff can go from here.
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31 August 2016 @ 10:59 am
We finished the Northern line yesterday - did Kentish Town to High Barnet. It was quite a nice walk and the sat nav took us through some nice places. We've now completed 9 lines out of 11 which is pretty good going, especially considering we only started five weeks ago! I'm back to work tomorrow though so the remaining 2 lines (the Central and the Piccadilly) are gonna have to wait, either until half term or we could start on some Saturdays.

It's been pretty fun doing the walks - obviously it's given us something to do over the summer but it's also been nice seeing all the different places (I've lost count how many London boroughs we've walked through) and seeing how different (or similar) some of the stations are. I think so far South Kenton is still the smallest we've seen but there might be some smaller ones on the two lines we have left.

I wish I'd thought of doing it right at the beginning of the seven and a bit weeks I've had off because we might have finished it if we had. It feels weird leaving it unfinished!

Also, apparently it took the BBC a year and a half to renew that "Not Going Out" show. I hope they don't take that long letting us know about "New Blood"!
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28 August 2016 @ 11:30 am
On Friday we did some more of the Northern line - from Morden to King's Cross St Pancras. It was a fairly easy walk although it was a lot warmer than I expected it to me which meant we had to have more sit downs than normal. And we had to buy a cold drink towards the end. I was very disappointed that we didn't find a Wenzels between the two places though - through several different high streets and London boroughs. Where do people that live their get their baked goods? I think we've got about a quarter of the Northern line left to complete now - maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm back at work on Thursday (for inset days - there won't be any children there) so I want to have a rest day on Wednesday.

I have been having a weird dead arm feeling in my left arm over the past few days which has been bothering me. It doesn't really hurt it just feels weird and heavy. From like my shoulder down. At first I just thought I'd slept on it but now I'm not so sure. Hopefully it'll clear soon as I almost feel like I'm dragging my arm around.

In other news: I've watched a couple of shows this week:

"Suits" - 6x07 - I thought this episode was pretty good. I liked seeing Harvey worried about Mike again and I think we all knew something was gonna go wrong with the deal. I wonder what they're gonna do now? I can't see Mike spending the full two years there. I'm quite enjoying the Rachel and Jessica stuff - it's nice seeing them working together and I think the case they're on is really interesting. I wonder what they're gonna do now their alibi witness isn't around?

"The Night Shift" - 3x12 - it was good to have this show back after a short break and this was a good start to the two-part finale. I wonder if they're gonna find a way to save the hospital. And where are things gonna go between Jordan and Scott? It definitely seems like the old feelings are still there.

Speaking TV, there's still no news about "New Blood". BBC announced some new things the other day and renewed "Not Going Out" (for an 8th season apparently) but nothing has been said anout "New Blood". I'm starting to get nervous. I just hope they renew it. Maybe we'll hear something after the Bank Holiday?
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24 August 2016 @ 10:36 pm
We made a start on the Northern line yesterday - it was a struggle because it was so hot, and a good portion of it was up hill which is always difficult. We did quite a lot of stations though (from Charing Cross to Edgware) so we were quite pleased with that. We had planned on walking some more today but the heat made us change our minds and we had a rest day instead. We'll pick up the Northern line again once it gets a little bit cooler.

Once again it was nice walking around places we didn't know that well - and seeing the different designs of the stations was really interesting. I also didn't even know there was a Brent Cross undergound station but it's very grand and massive inside. Looking forward to seeing some more stations. Hopefully we can finish the Northern line before I go back to work next week.

We've visited and taken pictures of 178 stations now - only 92 to go!

All pictures are on my facebook/instagram.
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23 August 2016 @ 08:42 am
Yesterday we completed the District line so now we've only got three more lines to go - the Northern, Piccadilly and Central - and we will have completed them all. I guess we might have to tackle the DLR or Overground next! I'm quite surprised that we've managed to do as many over the summer as I was expecting it to be a really long process. I've only got a week and a half left before I go back to work now so I don't think we'll complete it by then but there's always weekends, and half term is in October.

I've posted pictures of all the stations on my facebook page - a folder for each line. I mainly posted them so I can keep them all and organise them but there also there for anyone to see. Some of the stations are really nice. I think my favourites so far have to be, South Kensington, Kilburn Park, Barons Court and Gloucester Road. They're really nice looking stations. Oh, and South Kenton because it's so small and cute.

In other news: on Sunday night I watched "Suits" - 6x07 - I thought this episode was quite good but again I'm finding all the law stuff really hard to follow (as Mark said "there's too much law stuff in this show about lawyers"). I'm not entirely sure what this deal Harvey's got is all about but I'm sure it'll all become clear. I am enjoying the Rachel storyline though - it's nice that she's got a storyline that's not about Mike. I'm interested in seeing where it goes.
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21 August 2016 @ 06:02 pm
Today Mum and I went to Hammersmith and walked to Paddington which completed both the Hammersmith and City line and the Circle line! So another lines we can tick off! We've only got a few lines to do now - the District, which we're hopefully gonna complete tomorrow, and the Northern, Central and Piccadilly lines. It's pretty cool walking around places we've never seen before (I love it when you just don't know what's gonna be around the next corner) and seeing the different designs of all the stations. I've lost count how many London borough's we've walked through now.

In other news: I finished season one of "Shadowhunters" last night - it took me three nights to watch 13 episodes but I'm still not entirely sure if I liked it or not! It's just easy to binge watch when things are on Netflix though (when it tells you the next episode will start in 20 seconds by the time you've decided if you want to watch it or not it's already started and it would be rude to turn it off). I need to find something else to watch now.
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19 August 2016 @ 02:04 pm
Mum and I have done some more walking since my last posts - we've almost completed the District line now - only one small section to go. Yesterday we walked from Wimbledon to Edgware Road which was actually a really nice walk and I really enjoyed it. We also watched passed Fulham's football ground and Chelsea's football ground which was pretty cool. We were gonna complete the District line today but the weather didn't cooperate and it's raining today. Hopefully we'll finish it on Monday.

In other news: I watched the first two episodes of "Shadowhunters" on Netflix which I thought was okay. I might watch a few more episodes and see if it gets better.
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