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24 November 2016 @ 05:02 pm
I thought I'd post today as a lot of my shows are off for a few days due to Thanksgiving. This week I've done a bit more Christmas shopping (I'm almost done!) and watched some of my shows!

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x09 - I thought this was a pretty decent episode. I think we all knew that what they were investigating wasn't gonna be about JFK but it was nice seeing Jerry almost getting excited about it. I thought it was obvious that the victim was involved in something else too which was what led to her death. Shame Jerry had to lose a friend during this episode but it was nice to see him directly involved in a case.

"Lucifer" - 2x09 - I thought this was a pretty good episode again. I'm really enjoying this show at the moment. I think the Lucifer and Chloe friendship is really interesting and I am looking forward to seeing where things might go between them. I just hope his Mum stays out of it! She's trouble.

Supergirl" - 2x07 - I thought this was a good episode. I'm really starting to enjoy Mon-El as a character - Chris Wood is just very watchable, I'm glad he's on another show and I think Mon-El is the kind of character that really suits him. I'm really interested in seeing where things might go between him and Kara, obviously he's starting to like her but will she like him back? I also don't think his backstory is what we think it is. I thought it was funny that Winn told Alex about James already! That didn't last very long. I wonder how long they can keep it from everyone else for?

"The Flash" - 3x07 - I thought this was a pretty good episode but I felt really sorry for Barry when they kept blaming him for everything (incidentally, I thought Cisco already knew about his brother?). Obviously he messed up but he wasn't thinking straight, and if he tried to fix it again who knows what would happen. I was almost willing him to just walk away and leave them all to it. See how well they do then.

I also knew there was a reason why I didn't completely trust Julian. I wonder where things might go from here? Especially now Barry isn't a CSI anymore (is he gonna get another job?).

"Teen Wolf" - 6x02 - I really liked the way Scott, Lydia and Malia knew something wasn't right. Like they knew something was missing even though they didn't know what, or who, it was. I loved Scott lingering by the locker because he knew there was something about it but he didn't know what it was. I liked the focus on Scott during those scenes (and the flashbacks to the pilot episode were cool). I am a bit curious about how all this works though - has Stiles been erased from existence or just from their memories? If he's never existed at all then a lot of the events of the past 5 seasons wouldn't have even happened, would they? To stop things from getting too confusing I'm just gonna assume that he has been wiped from their memories and the things that he was involved in previously still happened. I don't know why his Mum is alive now though. This show hasn't really made sense for the past three seasons so this is nothing really new.

I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out for the rest of the season.

Also watched:

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" 2x05, "Chicago Med" 2x05, "The Librarians" 3x01, "Scorpion" 3x09, "Timeless" 1x07 and "Criminal Minds" 12x05.
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20 November 2016 @ 11:36 am
Once again it's been a week since my last post. I think the week kinda got away from me. Anyway, I've managed to get some more of my Christmas shopping done - I can't believe it's almost that time of year again already! It doesn't seem that long ago when it was last Christmas.

Since my last post I have watched a few things as usual:

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" - 2x04 - I thought this episode was quite good. Has Greg left for good now? He's my favourite.

"Lucifer" - 2x08 - I'm really enjoying this season and I thought this episode was another good one. I really liked that Chloe was jealous when she thought Lucifer and Ella were a thing. And her denying it was quite adorable. When he realised that she was actually jealous it was kinda cute too. I almost don't want to ship them because I like seeing male/female friendships on TV but this show is making me want to do it. They do have good chemistry and she has had a profound effect on him, and his humanity. I'm interested in seeing where things go from here. And how far is his mother prepared to go?

"Scorpion" - 3x08 - I quite enjoyed this episode. This show is just easy to watch, I think. I felt sorry for Walter when everyone was dismissive to his concerns about the water explosion thing, and how they all just thought he was being silly like he had been on previous occasions. I was glad they realised they were wrong and apologised. I do hope Walter and Tim can become friends soon. I think might have some common ground.

"Supergirl" - 2x06 - I enjoyed this episode as usual but I thought Kara and Alex were being a bit unfair on Mon-El. Just because he has his abilities doesn't mean he should want to be a hero and I thought the way they guilt tripped him into it was really unfair. Just because he has powers doesn't mean he has to use them the way Kara uses hers. Besides Kara hid her powers for years when she first arrived on Earth so why were they forcing what they do now onto Mon-El? Having said that I did like it when he teamed up with Supergirl at the end (along with Guardian. I'm not sure how I feel about that whole thing yet) though. But now Kara's insistence that he be a what she things is a better person had led to him getting into trouble. I wonder how that's gonna play out in next weeks episode?

I thought the Alex stuff was quite nicely played out - the talks between her and Kara were nice and I felt really sorry for her when she was rejected by the detective (I can't remember her name). I wonder what's gonna come next for Alex? Oh, and what was the stuff about J'on's blood transfusion? Where might that go?

"Timeless" - 1x06 - I thought this episode was a good one. I'm glad all the lies between the team have been exposed but how can they carry on after this? Their dynamic had really settled and now that's all gone. What now? And obviously Lucy's father is involved in all of this somehow. Is that why she got the job in the first place? I'm enjoying this show more than I thought I would at first.

"The Flash" - 3x06 - I thought this episode was quite a good one again. I'm glad the other know what's been going on with Caitlin but I really hope Cisco's vision was somehow wrong (or misinterpreted) and that she doesn't end up being bad. Maybe she'll be a good metahuman like The Flash is? Oh, and how is Julian involved in everything? There's gotta be a reason why he was out of the office when he never usually is. Hmm. I'm interested in his character. I want to trust him but I'm just not sure. And the stuff about Wally is interesting as well. Is he gonna become Kid Flash for proper? I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out next. I think next weeks is the four way cross over which could be awesome or not. Sometimes I don't think crossovers work. Especially with four shows involved (and I don't watch one of them. Ooops).

"Arrow" - 5x07 - I thought this was another interesting episode. I'm finding the Russian storyline really boring though and tend to zone out a little bit when those scenes are on. I think the present days stuff is quite good though and is holding my attention well enough. The new Vigilante storyline was quite interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out with that. But what's the new girl in Team Arrow (name?) up to?

I think my favourite scenes in this episode were the ones between Quentin and Thea though, I really like their friendship and the actors play off each other really well. I'm looking forward to more things between them.

"Designated Survivor" - 1x07 - I'm really enjoying this show at the moment. I think the balance between the White House stuff and the FBI stuff has been doing really well. I just really want Maggie Q's character to tell the President what's going on because that McLeash (is that how it's spelt?) gets given more power. With the bombing looking like an inside job perpetrated by Americans I'm really interested about how things are gonna go from here. Kirkman is starting to not trust the FBI director guy so let's hope he doesn't react wrongly and do something stupid. The FBI investigation is in way over it's head and I have a feeling we might have some explosive episodes coming up. Metaphorically and literally.

"Frequency" - 1x07 - I'm really enjoying this show at the moment too and I'm glad they've moved away from the basic premise of the movie. I was quite worried about how they were make that premise work over the episodes but I think what they've done is working really well. The Nightingale case is really interesting and I like how they've made it the main focus of the show - I like that they seem to have realised that the cold case they had was the first Nightingale victim. That's could make things really interesting. I really like the character driven stuff too and am looking forward to seeing how things are gonna go in future episodes.

"Supernatural" - 12x06 - I'm really enjoying the stand alone nature of these episodes at the moment and I really liked this one again. I thought the storyline of a fellow hunter being killed and them going to the wake was really interesting and the addition of Jodie Mills and Mary made things even more interesting. I liked the scenes between Jodie and the boys and Jodie and Mary. I really like the character of Jodie and I'm glad she's survived so far - is the longest surviving female character in this show?

As we've had a few standalone episodes in a row we're probably due a really boring Crowley, Heaven hell, blah blah, focused one soon.

"Teen Wolf" - 6x01 - Season 6 is gonna be the final season so this is kinda the beginning of the end in a way. While I think it's probably time I am really gonna miss this show. I thought this episode was a really good opener and the 2nd half of the episode especially was really strong. I think the storyline of the horsemen erasing people is really interesting. I thought the storyline of the child's mother and father being taken was really well done. Especially things gradually disappearing, including their child in the end. That was really creepy. And then when they realised that once you've seen them you're already disappearing. And then, of course, Stiles saw one and everything got really compelling. The scenes of Stiles slowly being forgotten by everyone were really well done (from the little moments like the guy wearing Stiles' lacrosse shirt to the sucker punch of the Sheriff not knowing who he is, everything was just so disorientating) and Dylan O'Brien did a brilliant job as usual (I've been saying it for a while but that kid's a star. Hopefully he'll reach his potential after the show finishes). And how he's gone and nobody even knows. I really hope the show is gonna focus on people knowing that something is missing and trying to figure it out.

I think this storyline is actually a really good way of giving Dylan O'Brien is time off (I think he was filming the Maze Runner movie at the time, wasn't he? Before the accident) but showing the importance of Stiles as a character. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this show goes from here.

"MacGyver" - 1x09 - I thought this episode was pretty good but not as good as the previous few episodes, after those I had high expectations and couldn't help feeling almost disappointing. I thought the scenes between Mac and Bozer were good - and I'm glad they've found a place for him at the Phoenix Foundation and I'm interested in how things are gonna work with the extra person there. I don't think the scenes between Jack and Mac were as good these week thought which was a shame.

Also watched:

"Humans" 2x03, "Chicago Med" 2x04 and "Criminal Minds" 12x05 (are they actually gonna address Hotch's absence soon or what?)
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Two posts in two days. Whatever next.

Last night I watched:

"Hawaii Five-0" -  7x08 - I thought this episode was a lot better than last weeks. It was good to have Danny back again and I thought the scenes between him and Steve, and him and Grace, and him and Lou, and him and Will were really good. The rescue scene between Steve, Danny and Grace was really sweet and I'm glad we got hugs between everyone. I really liked the scenes between Danny and Will - they were a good team - and the scenes between Will and Lou were good. Actually everything worked for me in this episode. The case of the week was a little bit "Die Hard" (especially with Danny and Will using the ducks). And the scene when Danny spoke to Steve on the phone and gave them clues was really good - obviously I knew Danny was gonna do it but it worked really well.

This kind of thing is what this show does best and I really enjoyed this episode. Looking forward to another good one next week.

"MacGyver" - 1x08 - I really enjoyed this episode - this show has somehow become one of the highlights of my week. I wasn't actually sure about it at first but I'm really enjoying it now. I think a lot of that is to do with the chemistry between all of the characters. They've got lucky with the cast here (or maybe it was just good casting). I loved the scenes between Mac and Jack in this episode. From the little "I watch your back, we've talked about this" exchange to the "I cannot do my thing if I’m worried about losing you every minute" heated discussion, everything between them is just so good. I love their friendship so much. One little moment I really liked was when they were under fire from Murdoc and Bozer was asking them about Nikki and they nodded, shook their heads and said "yes!" in complete unison. That was really cute.

The introduction to Murdoc and the continuation of the Nikki stuff was quite good too - is this gonna be an ongoing storyline through the season now? Especially the stuff that Nikki was saying about Thornton. Is she right or just trying to shake Mac up?

I also think Lucas Till has settled into the role really well - I honestly wasn't sure about him at all during the first episode but I think he's kinda perfect now (oh and he replied to me on twitter the other day which was nice) - and George Eads is just so cool. They're great together. Looking forward to more. I think ratings are pretty good too at the moment so maybe we'll get a season two?

"Supernatural" - 12x05 - I thought this episode was pretty good and I'm glad we're staying in "case of the week" territory for now because I think that's where the show is at it's best. None of this angel, devil, Crowley crap. Just simple stories. I thought this story was quite good (although, I can honestly say that even with the previously on bit I don't remember the previous episode they did about the Nazi's at all. And I've seen them all. Weird). I thought the woman they saved was quite cool - I wonder if we'll see her again? And Dean's quips about killing Hitler were fun. He's really never gonna forget that, is he?

I hope they stick to these kind of episodes for the time being.
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12 November 2016 @ 05:29 pm
It's been a week since my last post - I have no idea how that happened. The week just got away from me, I guess.

Last night Mark and I headed to Wembley to watch the England vs Scotland match - I just wanted to see a game at Wembley stadium so got tickets! I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was amazing and England won (the less said about the actual performance the better. Let's just say there's still work to be done). The stadium itself is just really awesome - we were almost right at the back (there was one row behind us) but we still had a great view of the whole game and didn't miss anything. I would quite like to go to another game now!

In TV news: I've watched quite a few things since my last post (a whole weeks worth, obviously!):

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x07 - I thought this 150th (I think?) episode was okay. It was interesting having Catherine and Doris back again (and also Lynn who I'd kinda forgotten about, to be honest. What happened to Alicia though? I like the possibility of her and Steve) but I as I'm not a fan of either of those characters this isn't gonna be a standout episode for me. Alex O'Loughlin did a good job, as usual, and the team stuff was enjoyable (even with the lack of Danny. Again). Hoping for a better episode this week.

"MacGyver" - 1x07 - I've started to really enjoy this show. I think it works really well back to back with Five-0 and the team dynamics are really good. Everything just really works for me in this show at the moment. It's just a fun show with likeable characters and good dynamics. Very enjoyable.

"Lucifer" - 2x07 - I thought this was a good episode. Iiked the focus on Chloe and I think Lauren German did a good job with it. I also loved Lucifer trying to be more like Dan by shadowing him for the day. I thought that led to some really great scenes between them. I wonder if they could actually end up being friends? I also really liked how Lucifer was there for Chloe even though he didn't really know how to be and thought he would just get in the way. This season has really stepped up a great from season 1 (and that was good anyway).

"Scorpion" - 3x07 - I thought this episode was quite a good one and I really enjoyed Walter and Ralf working together. They actually made surprisingly good partners. The Happy and Toby storyline played out in a way I wasn't really expecting but I'm kinda glad the baby thing ended up being a false alarm because I don't think either of them were really truly ready for it.

"Supergirl" - 2x05 - I enjoyed this episode. I thought the Alex stuff was surprisingly well handled. I thought it was gonna be a bit heavy handed but I think it kinda worked (I'm a tiny bit disappointed that she's seemingly not gonna bisexual though) and I'm interested in seeing where things might go from here for her. I also enjoyed the Mon-El (or Mike) stuff. He seems like he's kind of an arse but not in a really bad way. He just needs time to adjust to things. He is on another planet. I hope Kara will be more of a help to him after she talked to Alex about it.

"Arrow" - 5x06 - I quite enjoyed this episode. This show seems to have picked up over the last few episodes. I think the new team dynamics are settling in a bit and finding an almost mutual trust which can only be a good thing as things progress. I did think they were a little hard on Oliver though - his previous decisions don't make him a hypocrite, they make him someone who made bad choices and now realises that they were. He's still a person who's learning and I think their expectations of him were a bit unrealistic. I'm glad Felicity told her boyfriend the truth, I just hope she doesn't live to regret it. Can he be trusted? I also enjoyed the scenes between Lance and Thea. Their dynamic is really interesting and I'm looking forward to more.

"Designated Survivor" - 1x06 - I think this show is bubbling along really nicely. The FBI investigation aspect is interesting and I hope they can figure out everything they need to to solve this. I also think it's interesting that they're not telling the President about their suspicious and I'm worried that's gonna be a mistake. If they appoint that guy as VP it could lead to all kinds of problems (I think). And there's also the scandal aspect about the first lady that seems destined to come out. She probably needs to tell her son now (and does Kirkman even know?). I think the balance of this show actually works pretty well.

"Frequency" - 1x06 - I'm enjoy this show even though things are starting to get a little complicated. The Nightingale stuff is getting really interesting (is it gonna end up being someone on the show we already know?) and the character stuff is quite interesting too. After the first episode it moved away from the movie quite a lot so I'm curious about where things are gonna go next.

I also watched (and enjoyed but can't think of anything to say about): "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" 2x03, "Humans" 2x01, "Chicago Med" 2x03, "Criminal Minds" 12x04 and "Chicago Fire" 4x23 (season finale).
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05 November 2016 @ 03:20 pm
I can't believe it's November now and it's starting to get cold out. It feels like September and October didn't even happen. Weird. I've actually started my Christmas shopping too!

In TV news, since my last post I've watched:

"Lucifer" - 2x06 - I'm enjoying this season so far. Things have got darker and I think it's working quite well and Tom Ellis is doing a good job with it. I felt really sorry for Lucifer in this episode when he was having to deal with things but couldn't actually tell Chloe what was going on - the scene when she told him he could talk to her was heartbreaking. I really hope he finds a way to confide in her at some point because I think he really needs too. I am glad though that he opened up to the therapist (I can't remember her name) but how is gonna react to the information? Is she gonna be able to be there for him? I'm looking forward to seeing where things are gonna go from here.

"Scorpion" - 3x06 - I thought this episode was quite a fun one as usual and I thought the case (as it were) was quite interesting and it was nice to see them not investigating a crime. I like that Scorpion's talents can be used for other things. I thought the Halloween stuff was fun. I wonder what's gonna happen with the Happy, Walter and Toby stuff. I have a feeling it's not gonna be smooth sailing but I guess it would be boring if it was.

"Supergirl" - 2x04 - I enjoyed this episode. I think the scenes between Mon-El and Winn were fun so were the ones between Mon-El and Kara. They seem like they have pretty good chemistry so I'm looking forward to any friendships that develop between Mon-El and the others. I think Chris Wood might have good chemistry with everyone though. I think the girl Martian stuff was quite interesting too but is she really who she says she is?

"Timeless" - 1x05 - I'm really starting to enjoy this show. I think the dynamics are really good and I liked the way Lucy and Rufus refused to work without Wyatt. I thought that was really nice. They trust him and wouldn't want to work with anyone else. I'm looking forward to how things progress in this show. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would.

"The Flash" - 3x05 - I thought this was a good episode. I really enjoyed the scenes between Barry and Julian and I really hope they can become friends at some point. It definitely seemed like they'd reached some kind of mutual understanding in this episode (I did want Barry to mention that his parents had been killed by Metahumans though, especially when Julian was saying that he didn't have an emotional reasons for not liking metas. Shame that didn't happen). I'd like to see Barry and Julian becoming friends so that Barry can confide in him. I think he'd be a good asset to Team Flash. I thought the Caitlin stuff was interesting but I really wish she felt comfortable enough to talk to the others about what she's going through. She really shouldn't have to deal with it alone. Oh, and new Harrison Wells is funny. Tom Cavanagh is such good value.

"Arrow" - 5x05 - I thought this episode was quite good. I'm glad Diggle is back on Team Arrow because I do think they need him. I'm not entirely sure where they're going with Felicity and her new boyfriend but I kinda wish she'd told Oliver that she was seeing someone (incidentally, where does Oliver live now? Wasn't that Oliver and Felicity's place?). And now that reporter knows something she shouldn't. Now what?

"Frequency" - 1x05 - I thought this was an interesting episode. I liked the way Raimy remembered the old case both ways and we got two sets of flashbacks. That actually worked surprisingly well once it was made clear what was going on. It was annoying for her though as she had some information she couldn't actually use because she had no way of actually explaining how she knew it. Oh, and Satch is working that Marino? I hope he's not dirty too. Maybe he's just being controlled?

"Chicago Fire" - 4x22 - I thought this episode was okay. Dawson is annoying me again though - I don't know how this show manages to make her annoying everytime they give her a storyline. It's such a shame because she's not that annoying usually. She's just acting so entitled at the moment. Just because she wants that child doesn't mean it's gonna happen. It doesn't even mean it would be for the best. She can't always get her own way! I feel sorry for Jimmy though and I have a feeling Severide is right, he doesn't want to go down that road. It's not gonna lead anywhere good. I think he knows that his brother wouldn't have come out even if Boden had ordered him to come out - he would have taken that minute anyway, right? Next weeks is the finale. I'm hoping for a good one.

"Hooten & the Lady" - 1x08 (series finale) - I thought this was another fun episode with Hooten just being Hooten and Alex enjoying the adventure in spite of herself. I wonder if she's gonna find it even more difficult to balance things now she's married (if we get a series two, that is). I don't think Edward is gonna be as controlling as Alex's Mum wants him to be but maybe he won't be quite as understanding as he has been. He seems like a decent enough guy. While I enjoyed this episode I don't think that final scene was really needed. I think it should have ended after the scene in the bedroom when Alex told Edward she wanted to go to Vietnam for her honeymoon. I think that would have been a slightly better final scene.

All in all, I've really enjoyed this show. It's nice to have something jist lighthearted and fun. Sometimes I find that lacking on TV these days - of course it's nice to have serious stuff sometimes but it's also night to go on an adventure. I'm hoping for a series two (the makers are planning one and want to do one but who knows what Sky1 might say. I'm crossing my fingers).

"Supernatural" - 12x04 - I enjoyed this episode. Once again it was a simple, yet effective, monster of the week type episode. And it, again, reminded me of something from the early seasons and it really worked for me. It's almost like these past couple of episodes have gone back to basics. It was nice not having any of the boring subplots, just Sam and Dean working the case. I thought the case was quite an interesting one and I liked the slight paralells to Sam and Dean's situation with their Mum. Interesting bit with the motor cyclist at the end too that tied in with the on-going London based Men of Letters stuff. More episodes like this please.
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01 November 2016 @ 04:13 pm
As last night was Halloween I celebrated in my usual way - watching some scary movies. This year I chose "Final Destination 2" (it had to be done after meeting Michael Landes on Sunday - more on that later), "Halloween" (of course) and "Idle Hands". I was gonna watch "Scream" as well but I was a bit movied out after the first three. I enjoyed watching them as usual though.

In other news: On Sunday Dave and I headed to the ExCel for MCM's London Comic Con. There were a few guests I was interested in so we got there at about 11.30 hoping to catch everyone I wanted. At 12pm Emily Rose from "Haven" was signing so I was a little bit worried that I might not get there in time but it worked out well because there was no queue for her and also no queue for the autograph tickets which doesn't usually happen. Anyway, armed with my photo that had been signed by Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour previously I headed up to see her. She seemed really nice and we talked briefly about the fact that I came to see her a few years ago but managed to miss out and she signed "thanks for waiting" on my photo! I also cheekily asked her if it was okay to get a picture (even though it said no photos) and she said it was okay and stood up.  We then said our nice to meet you" and "Goodbye" etc. I'm really glad she came back to this event and I managed to get her signature on my photo!

We then headed to one of the theatres for the "Hooten & The Lady" talk which was pretty fun and made me want to meet them even more which was good because that's exactly where we headed after the talk! We joined Michael Landes' line first which was oddly shorter than Ophelia Lovibond's and waited for them to arrive. Just after 2pm she arrived and started signing (and chatting a lot to everyone) but we had to wait about 10 minutes more before Michael came out. He immediately started signing and was very talkative. Almost too chatty and I was starting to feel nervous about what I was gonna say when my time came. When it did I handed my ticket to the staff member sitting next to him at the same time as he held his hand out and said "Hi, I'm Michael" (aww) which led to a slightly awkward moment with one hand holding the ticket out and the other one crossing over to shake his hand. We exchanged pleasantries - how are you etc - and then I proceeded to mention almost everything I'd see him him! I started with saying that I really enjoy "Hooten & The Lady" (he asked me how many I'd seen and said all seven that have aired so far. He said that he hasn't seem them because they're not airing in the US) and then said that he's my favourite Jimmy Olsen, he replied that that was a long time ago now but that loads of people had talked to him about it over the weekend. I then mentioned "Final Destination 2" and that I enjoyed that movie too - he joked about how he was ticking all the boxes! I then mentioned "Love Soup" too and we discussed how different that role is to Hooten. I think sometime before all that I chose the picture I wanted and he asked if I wanted my name on it, when I told him my name he said he was trying to read the spelling on my necklace! After that I said "thankyou" "nice to meet you" etc and shook his hand again. I then stood to one side while Dave got his autograph too. Michael was just as chatty to Dave. He was a super nice guy and I'm really glad I met him.

We then moved on to Ophelia Lovibond (her queue had gone so we just kinda walked over to her). She was almost as chatty as Michael. I said that I really enjoyed the show and she asked me which one my favourite episode was. I vaguely said "all of them" before settling on "the one where Hooten was drugged" and we both tried to remember what episode number that one was. She said that Michael would know and turned over and asked him (I can't remember if we decided on four or five now). I then mentioned how much I enjoyed her performance in "Elementary" and said that I miss Kitty (her character), and really enjoyed the new dynamics she brought to the show when she was in it. We talked about that for quite a while actually which was weird. I think we then said "Thanks", "nice to meet you" etc before I moved aside and let Dave have his turn (they talked about camels a lot).

They were both lovely and I really like the picture I chose.

(click for full size)

In other other news: I've watched a few shows since my last post:

"Timeless" - 1x04 - I'm really enjoying this show now it's settled. I think the case of the week (as it were) aspect works pretty well and the characters and dynamics are working really well. I'm interested in seeing what Rufus has got himself into and whether Lucy will manage to get things back to how they were before.

"Supernatural" - 12x03 - I really enjoyed this one as it seemed like something from the earlier seasons - a classic monster (well, ghost) of the week episode which is nice because it so much simpler than other things we get sometimes. I also thought the Castiel and Crowley stuff was quite good. This episode worked for me.

"Hooten & The Lady" - 1x07 - I thought this was a good episode and it was nice to get some of the background stuff about Hooten. We all knew there was some darkness in his past so I'm glad we got the explanations about that. Hooten is a fun character (but we all know that's a cover) and Michael Landes plays him really well but it was nice to see him doing the serious stuff in this episode (and the one before it). Next weeks is the finale. I'm looking forward to it (even though 8 episodes isn't quite enough).

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x06 - This show always does good Halloween episodes and I thought this was quite a cool one. The case of the week was interesting (even though it was obvious right from the beginning that someone has set things up to scare the victim) and I liked the involvement of Eric, and it was nice to have Max back. The subplot involving Kono and Adam was quite good as well, it did annoy me when they trusted that girl too quickly and that old man too. Btw, is Claire Forlani's character coming back or are we finished with her now? I like her.

"MacGyver" - 1x06 - this show has really settled in too and I think it works so well back to back with H50. I really liked this episode and seeing the more serious side of things worked well. This show is a fun show though so I was glad there were some light hearted moments too. I've really started to enjoy the chemistry and dynamics - especially between Mac and Jack (that sounds weird). George Eads really stands out in this show, although Lucac Till has really settled in the role too.

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" - 2x02 - I thought this episode was slightly better than this seasons opener. I really enjoyed the Greg scenes and I hope he comes through everything unscathed. I also liked the Paula stuff (and I don't usually like her), I think she needs a break from Rebecca a bit so I hope her law school plan goes through. I'm not sure how I feel about her and Josh but I am curious about how things are gonna go for them.

"Humans" - 2x01 - I thought this was a decent start to series 2 (and I'm glad we had a good "previously on.." at the beginning) and I'm interested in how things are gonna play out this season. I think the Anita stuff seems interesting. I take it she's developing feelings (that she's not supposed to have) for that guy (is he like her new owner?). Colin Morgan's accent still bothers me though. Why can't he just use his real accent?

"Chicago Med" - 2x02 - this is my medical drama of choice but I can never really think of anything to say about it. I thought the scenes between Will and the pathologist lady (what's her name? Is she even a pathologist?) were quite nice. I wonder if that will go anywhere. And who might he get as his room mate?

"Criminal Minds" - 12x03 - I thought this was a good episode. It's good to have Prentiss back (I like her) and the new guy is settling in quite well. Is this the last we've seen of Hotch though? I hope they mention him again. He can't just go to wherever he went and them never mention him again. That would be too weird. Obviously whatever happens to him, wherever he goes, it's gonna have to happen off screen. It seemed very strange just having a throw away line about him being at an event (what was it again?) with Tara.
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28 October 2016 @ 06:52 pm
So, since my last post I've been trying to break in my Dr Martens so they're ready for the winter. While they haven't been that painful (apart from the bottom of the tongue digging in the top of my right foot and the tops of the boots digging into both calfs) but there's still a long way to go. I really wish they didn't need breaking in! I know that's once they've softened up they will be super comfortable. I just need to get them there!

I've also watched a few things:

"Criminal Minds" - 12x02 - I thought this was a pretty good episode. I think the focus on JJ and her family worked quite well, especially the way she was telling her husband about the case. I also kinda like that the case didn't end happily. I think it's more realistic that way because real life cases don't always happy ending.

"Lucifer" - 2x05 - I thought this was a good episode. I had a feeling Lucifer's dilemma wasn't gonna end well and I kinda thought it might end the way it did. I'm interested in seeing how Lucifer deals with it though - I just wish he could share it all with Chloe. I think it's a shame that he can't tell her everything that's going on in his life. I did enjoy Lucifer and Dan (is that his name? Detective douche?) geeking over the movies the victim made. That was quite cute.

"Scorpion" - 3x05 - I thought this episode was quite good too - the case of the week was interesting and the character interactions were good. I'm not sure that the stuff between Walter, Happy and Toby is gonna run smoothly though but I'm kinda interested in seeing how things go from here.

"Supergirl" - 2x03 - I enjoyed this episode too (although I miss Cat and the scenes between her and Kara, I hope we see her again soon. I'm also not entirely sure why James is qualified for Cat's job though). I'm glad it's been shown that Mor-El (is that his name? Chris Woods' character?) probably isn't a bad guy and I hope he develops a good relationship with Kara - I was slightly disappointed when she assumed he was a bad guy just because of where he came from (which was exactly what she seemed to be against when it comes to humans and aliens) so I was glad she realised her error and apologised for it. I thought the stuff between Alex and the detective was quite interesting too - is that gonna lead somewhere? Oh, and the martian at the end. What was that about?

"Conviction" - 1x04 - I thought this episode was pretty good although it really bugged me when they initially disregarded who turned out to be the real killer even though it definitely needed investigating. Surely they should explore all possibilities? I wasn't at all surprised by the reveal either. I felt sorry for Hayes when he brother seemed to turn his back on her though - where's she gonna go now? It seemed a bit unfair on his part, I thought.

"The Flash" - 3x04 -  I thought this was a good episode. It was a shame to see Harry go but it's gonna be cool with this new version of him (what did he want to call himself? HW?). I wonder where that might lead and I'm looking forward to seeing the others relationships with him build up. The stuff between Barry and Iris where cute too. Oh, and what about the Caitlin stuff?

"Arrow" - 5x04 - I thought this episode was slightly better than last weeks. It was nice seeing Oliver and John together again and I hope they can figure things out for him in the future. I thought it was interesting how against it Felicity was but there was no way Oliver was gonna leave him there. The events in this episode showed that maybe the new team wasn't quite ready for such a bad situation. I wonder what they're gonna do to get their man back (I can't remember his name. Sorry)? Looking forward to next weeks episode.

"Designated Survivor" - 1x05 - I thought this episode was pretty interesting. I guess Maggie Q's investigations show that that sole survivor isn't quite what he appears to be (I knew there was something up with that) but what's she gonna do with that information? Obviously her boss has told her not to tell anyone (which in itself is quite suspicious. Can he be trusted?) but she's got to tell the President before he does something rash like appointing him Vice President! I did think the stuff about the military operation and the Presidents concerns about it where a little bit heavy handed in places though but things are definitely getting interesting when it comes to who was responsible for destroying the Capitol and killing all those people. Oh and they've captured their suspect alive, haven't they? I wonder what he's gonna say?

"Frequency" - 1x04 - I'm really enjoying this show and I like the way they're handling the nightingale case here. And now he's destroyed their only lead. How are they gonna find him now? And I wonder if they're gonna five the past and reset things in the end?

"Chicago Fire" - 4x21 - I quite enjoyed this episode but I'm not a fan of what they're doing with Dawson's character here. I was glad thought that she couldn't just foster that little boy. It just wouldn't have been very realistic, I don't think. You can't just decide you want to foster and then just do it. It doesn't work like that. I thought it was weird that she was the one who wanted Casey to be Alderman and now she wants this when he can't really do both. I dunno. This kind of storyline just reeks of a woman's storyline writting by a man. I don't think I like it.
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24 October 2016 @ 05:18 pm
Let's get the bad news out of the way first. It looks like "New Blood" has been cancelled (seen on Anthony Horowitz's twitter) which isn't suprising really (as time went on it seemed more and more inevitable) but it's such a shame as it was such a good show. I think BBC have made a mistake in getting rid of it, to be honest. And I'm not just saying that. I think the saddest thing is no-one really seems that bothered. Even the small fandom has moved on already.

In better news: Mum and I completed the Central line today and have now seen and taken pictures of all of the stations on the London Undergound! I think we should be proud of that really. It feels almost anticlimactic because what do we do now? It's been fun walking around London and seeing all the different streets, stations and other places of interest.

In TV news: since my last post I've watched a few more things:

"Arrow" - 5x03 - I thought this episode was okay but this show seems to be finding it difficult to find it's feet at the moment which is a shame. I think it's good John and Oliver might end up getting together again in the future because I miss their friendship. I can't really think of anything else to say about this episode, to be honest. I hope things improve in future episodes.

"Blindspot" - 2x06 - I think this show is finding it hard to find it's footing too. I thought this episode was okay but I find my interest difting these days.

"Timeless" - 1x03 - I'm quite enjoying this show. The character stuff seems quite interesting and I like the timey wimey ness of the whole thing. I liked the Back to the Future references in this one too. I am wondering why Lucy (is that her name?) seems to be the only one who's life is impacted by things though.

"Frequency" - 1x03 - I thought this episode was slightly better than the 2nd one and I enjoyed it. I like that it seems to be leading to the formula of her helping him solve other crimes while still looking for the nightingale. I think that could work in the long run. I think the family stuff is quite good too. I don't know if I can see this show lasting for more than one season though.

"Chicago Fire" - 4x20 - I thought this episode was quite sad and I felt so sorry for the little boy at the end (I could understand them not wanting to tell him until his aunt arrived but I don't know how I would have felt about keeping it from him).

"Supernatural" - 12x02 - I thought this episode was quite good. I liked the stuff between Sam, Dean and Mary Winchester (still not sure I'm trusting it though) and I'm glad that Sam and Dean got reunited but, once again, I thought the Crowley and Rowena stuff was really boring. That stuff just doesn't hold my interest at all. They need to get rid of them both.

"Hooten & The Lady" - 1x06 - I thought this episode was good and I quite liked seeing the serious side of Hooten. It's weird seeing him being serious instead of cracking jokes (obviously the whole thing is connected to his wife and child). I think this story is gonna lead into the next episode. Is it the finale?

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x05 - I thought it was an interesting choice for a show like this to tackle the effects of gun crime (especially given how much gun violence there is on this show) but I think it worked quite well. I thought the discussions between Danny and Steve were quite interesting, especially as they both had opposing points of view. I was pleased those disussions didn't turn into full blown arguments though because the subject matter was more serious than that and there probably is no easy answer (for the record I think I side with Danny on this one). I did like the twist at the end about who the perpatrator was and why he felt the way he did. I thought that worked really well. I was glad it was resolved non violently (unlike things ususally are on this show) and I especially liked seeing Danny saving the day.

"MacGyver" - 1x05 - I'm starting to quite enjoy this show. I mean, it's a bit naff but I think it works and it's just a fun show. I think the character has really settled well and I'm enjoying all the dynamics. I think Lucas Till has really settled into the role - I wasn't sure about him at first but I think his MacGyver is working quite well now. And I love his friendship with Jack.

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" - 2x01 - It was good to have this episode back for a 2nd season but I don't think this opener was one of the bests this show has done. I think the Greg character progression was interesting and I'm curious about how things might go for him. I would like to see him being happy with himself before he even considers getting in a relationship with anyone again.

"Chicago Med" - 2x01 - it was good having this show back again (it fills the hole in my schedule where a medical drama should be) but I really couldn't remember anything about how last season ended! I thought this was quite a good episode though.
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20 October 2016 @ 05:18 pm
The new TV schedule is well underway now and since my previous post I've watched quite a few things:

"Criminal Minds" - 12x01 - It's quite good to have this show back as I do generally like it. I thought the way things have picked up is quite good with them hunting the escaped prisoners from the end of last season. Nice new character too. I'm interested in seeing how things change when Hotch leaves (and how he even goes).

"Blindspot" - 2x05 - I thought this episode was quite good although I can't really remember much of it.

"Lucifer" - 2x04 - I liked this episode and I'm interested in seeing where things go from here - I guess Lucifer hasn't found the loophole he'd hoped.  I thought the case of the week was quite interesting and I liked seeing Chloe interacting with the other women, even though it was set up by Lucifer. I wonder if it will happen again?

"Scorpion" - 3x04 - I thought this episode was quite good. I was quite surprised that they revealed Happy's husband so soon (I expected them to drag that out for longer) but it does disappoint me when pregnancy storylines seems to be all they can think of for women characters.

"Supergirl" - 2x02 - I quite enjoyed this episode. I enjoyed having Kara team up with Clark but I think it's good that they've parted ways for now and he's gone back to Metropolis. I thought it was interesting that she continued going with him. Obviously she was never actually going to but I didn't like the way Alex reacted to it. Yes, Alex has given up a lot to support Kara but Kara didn't ask her to and she shouldn't throw it back into her face when she doesn't like a decision Kara might make about her life. That really didn't sit right with me. Does she expect Kara to owe her for the rest of her life and what if Kara does decide to move on with her life and that includes moving away? I'm still interested in the Christopher Wood stuff. Still not sure if he's good or bad.

"Conviction" - 1x03 - I enjoyed this episode and I'm glad they took on a case like they did. Obviously the person in prison was a horrible person (and he would have done something horrible if he'd had the chance) but leaving him in prison for something he didn't do would have meant the real killer was still out there (it really annoyed me that no-one brought that up during their argument about the case). I was glad they found a way of keeping them both in jail though. I think Hayes was almost annoyed that she didn't think of it. I'm still not sure how they can stop this show feeling quite repeatetive. Enjoying it so far though.

"The Flash" - 3x03 - I was pleased that we saw Harrison Wells again and I'm glad he decided to support Jesse and her new powers in the end. I thought the introduction to Magenta was quite interesting and I'm wondering if we'll end up seeing her again - although after killing that other guy does it mean Alchemy is after her now? I felt sorry for Wally because he wants to know why he doesn't have any powers - I am wondering if he's having dreams about the kid Flash now (he definitely had some kind of reaction to Magenta telling them about her dreams - could be interesting). I thought the scenes between Barry and Iris were quite sweet but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about them giving things ago. I really liked the idea of them before but now I'm not so sure. Not sure how I feel about Tom Felton's character either. Don't know if I trust him.

"Scream" - Halloween special - I thought this two part episode was okay. It wasn't as good as the previous seasons and I'm glad the show has been renewed for a season 3 so this won't be the last we see of it. I am intrigued by the Keiran stuff though - does that mean he wasn't the actual killer in season 2 or just that he wasn't working alone? I'm interested in seeing where that all goes in the 3rd installment. Obviously it's not over yet.

I thought the actual story of this episode was okay. The killer was a bit too obvious (and the suspects were limited) but the situations were quite good. As the episode went on I was half expecting it all to just be a joke (like in April Fools Day) and that Noah and Stavo's editior (or whatever he was) had set the whole thing up as a way to cure Noah of his writer's block. Like being involved in a real life murder spree would knock something loose. I actually think that would have been pretty cool.

Character wise, I enjoyed the Noah stuff and him feeling bad about writing that graphic novel based on the murders, I wasn't keen on Audrey's new girlfriend. I didn't trust her for a start and I don't think the chemistry was really there which was a shame.
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16 October 2016 @ 04:24 pm
Yesterday Mum and I tackled some more of the Central line - we ended up doing from Woodford to Oxford Circus. We were hoping to finish the whole line yesterday but it was longer than expected and we were running out of daylight so we thought we'd leave it there. Now we just need to do from Oxford Circus to West Acton which shouldn't be too bad. One more day and it should be done.

Since my last post I've watched some more shows:

"Arrow" - 5x02 - I thought this episode was quite good. I think Oliver's new team could end up being quite good, if he goes about it the right way (although I could understand his reasonings with his so called training, I'm glad he had Felicity there to talk some sense into him). I think this season has started fairly well - although where did Felicity's new boyfriend come from? That's a bit random. And how's Diggle gonna get out of this mess?

"Frequency" - 1x02 - I don't think this season episode was quite as good as the pilot but I'm quite interested in seeing where things go, especially as they're moving away from the movie's storyline. I think the continuity of this show is gonna have to be really good otherwise things just aren't gonna work though. I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress now though, especially with all the different things going on.

"Designated Survivor" - 1x04 - I thought this episode was quite good but I'm worried that things are gonna get a little bit too political and I would prefer it to be more equally balanced between that at the FBI investigation stuff. And I really want Maggie Q's character to be more involved. I'm beginning to think the bombing was an inside job though - or at least not the people they think it is. Home grown terrorists maybe? I guess we'll see.

"Chicago Fire" - 4x19 - I thought this episode was okay. I can't really think of anything else to say about it though.

"Supernatural" - 12x01 - To be honest, I couldn't remember anything about the last season so I was glad we had a bit of a recap. I thought the scenes between Dean and Mary were quite interesting but can we really trust that she's good? She could be a demon all we know. I'm interested in seeing where things might go from here though. And I liked her introduction to Castiel. That was cute.

I'm not entirely sure what that Woman of Letters wants but I thought the scenes of her and Sam were quite good. And the Crowley stuff? Not really interested.

"Hooten & The Lady" - 1x05 - I thought this episode was another fun one. I think the chemistry between Hooten and Alex is really good and I just really like watching them together (as a friendship at the moment but I wouldn't be against anything else) and the action stuff is always pretty good. This is just a fun show, I think.

"Hawaii Five-0" - 7x04 - I enjoyed this one. I think Steve and Alicia are really interesting together and if they are building up to something more in could be really good (given the right build up. Something that I always think is lacking when it comes to the romantic stuff in this show). I liked them working together on the case and the way Steve controlled the situation when they were in danger was good. They definitely underestimated Steve if they thought putting them in water would be enough. I thought the scene at the end when they were sharing the blanket was really sweet, especially the way she pulled him in.

Once again Danny was absent during some important scenes. It happens so often now I don't really miss him any more. Seeing the rest of the team rally around to try and find Steve and Alicia was really good and I especially liked how relieved Jerry and Grover were when Chin told them they'd found them and they were fine (well, apart from this stab wounds but we don't need to mention that because nobody else did).

"MacGyver" - 1x04 - I thought this episode was pretty good. This show has got better as the episodes have progressed (and I think it goes really well with H50). I loved the dynamic between Mac, Jack and Riley. I think they work really well together and become a really good team. Oh, and I think I want to ship Jack with Thornton (do they call her Thornton or Patricia?). I'm sure there could be something there.
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